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If you keep an eye out, Vision X lighting can be found everywhere. The military, industrial mining sites, commercial vessels, fire departments, and even NASA have trusted Vision X on vehicles that don’t have the luxury of second-guessing their lighting. Vision X Lighting Solutions are not just for professionals. The Vision X product line is diverse and has products available for all markets. Vision X can be found on commercial vessels, off-road vehicles, UTV/ATV’s, and even street-legal cars and motorcycles. Whatever the need, Vision X has a product to meet and exceed your expectations.

Combining the superior distance of Iris Reflector technology with the spread of Elliptical optics the ADV Light Cannon series shines a powerful combo driving beam that is optimal for all terrains.

Vision X

Spot and Flood Lights

The Shocker Bars all-new Vector Reflector Technology and Photon Light Core provide both a distance spot beam and an elliptical wide spread beam into a single dual functioning light bar.

Vision X

Dual Action LED Light Bars

 “Most Raw Lumens Per Inch”. Pumping out nearly 1,000 raw lumens per inch, the Xmitter Prime Xtreme is unmatched in terms of effective power and performance.

Vision X

High Powered

LED Light Bars 4" to 50"

Vision X
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