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Heise LED Lighting, by Metra Electronics, is exclusively developed and manufactured to meet all international standards. Our range of lighting integrates advanced thermal management, short circuit and open circuit protection and many other innovative features. All products undergo rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and again before leaving the factory. Metra’s history, experience and approach to engineering and manufacturing ensure that their products stand out among the competitors and are the highest quality lights available on the market.

*Auxiliary driving and fog lights are intended for use solely as auxiliary lighting. They are not intended to be used for headlight purposes, nor are they certified for headlight usage. Auxiliary lights are designed to improve visibility during night time driving and inclement weather. Irresponsible use of any auxiliary light can be dangerous and illegal. Auxiliary driving lights are intended to supplement the high-beam of a standard headlamp system. They are not intended for use alone or with the low-beam of a standard headlamp system. Lighting laws vary from state to state

Heise® lightbars have innovative features to repel moisture and can take a hit without fear of failure. These bright off-road lights are designed with virtually unbreakable materials, are torture-tested, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They’ve been frozen, shot, cut, and shaken but the LEDs continue to shine. Mount them with one of Heise’s brackets for a long-lasting lighting solution.



Give your vehicle’s underbody, wheel wells, footwells, or interior an eye-catching glow with single-color LED, RGB, or RGB/W accent lights. What may require two or three lighting pods from other brands can be outshined with a single Heise accent pod. These lights are also strong enough to be used on off-road vehicles like Jeeps®, ATVs, UTVs, and boats. 



LED driving lights will outlast standard halogen or HID driving lights with a much longer life cycle, efficient power draw, and powerful output. Heise® driving light options will fit the look and feel of rugged off-road vehicles, modern performance vehicles, vintage classics, and everything in between. Ask how we can upgrade your ride with new LED driving lights.



Upgrade your headlights to long-lasting, efficient and brighter LED light bulbs. Heise® offers solutions that are brighter, have a significantly longer lifespan, and will use much less electricity than standard halogen headlights. This means less of a power draw on your system’s battery and alternator and the ability to see farther down the road on dark nights.



Trailers, vehicles and heavy equipment for government, construction, emergency and first responders can be lit with reliable LED lights from Heise’s Municipality Series. This series spans from full-size strobe lightbars to low-profile marker lights, with permanent mounting or temporary magnetic solutions. Heise’s trailer and municipality lights are durable and built to withstand all weather conditions, year after year.



Upgrade your headlights with affordable LEDs that will allow you to see farther at night. Daytona Lights®' unique bulb design provides a great value that doesn’t compromise performance, allowing the bulbs to stay as cool or even cooler than traditional LEDs for a longer lifespan. The light output is equally impressive with a total of 6,000 lumens of illumination.



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